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It began when a brother and a sister reminisced over childhood stories and experiences.

We did not intend to research our own family history, yet from sharing our joys and hurts, we discovered the voids of many burning unanswered questions. The questions led to curiosity and a desire to unlock these hidden truths from our past.

As we began, we weren’t sure what we would find. We did unlock some of those questions, we also found much , much more.

Insights into our ancestor’s lives, their trials, what they endured, and the decisions that bought them to another country.

By learning about their strengths and weaknesses, we learned about ourselves and our own sense of belonging.

We were so grateful  for the knowledge and understanding we gained, we decided to assist anyone else who has that inner need or burning desire for knowledge and understanding about their past.

Our mission statement is to assist all who seek to know their heritage.

 What an amazing journey!

Searcher and Scribe